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Raphael 707 Auto Flexion Table

Raphael 707 Auto Flexion Table


Raphael 707 Chiropractic Adjusting Table

The Raphael 707 is an IT integrated spine care table that can be used for various techniques such as chiropractic and manual therapy. The Raphael 707 offers a unique axial traction feature and under axillary rolls for decompression as well as motorized drops, auto flexion and distraction.

  • Automatic self-cocking repetitive drop. High end motor ensures precises and quiet patient adjustment
  • Programable auto flexion/distraction enables you to coordinate flexion and distraction individually or in combination
  • Triple stage lifting column provides silent vertical elevation
  • 10” touch screen allows for complete control of all features such as flexion, traction, drop, elevation and memory system. Touch screen can be wall mounted or used with the included stand.
  • Premium aesthetic base keeps the mechanical features out of sight

Standard Features

  • Self Cocking Motor Drop (self-repetitive or by foot pedal)
  • Auto Programmable Flexion with Manual Lateral Flexion (flexion depth is adjustable)
  • Auto Programmable Traction (traction length is adjustable)
  • Silent Motorized Elevation
  • Head Piece Flexion, Axial Rotation and Elevation
  • Programmable Memory up to 3 Settings
  • 10" Touch Screen
  • Adjustable Armrests, Footrest and Handle
  • Emergency Stop, Hand Reset Button


  • Width: 26”
  • Length: 69” – 89”
  • Height: 23” – 35”
  • Weight: 319 lbs.
  • Safe Load: 330 lbs.
  • Flexion Angle: Max 22.4 degrees
  • Traction Length: Max 3.93” (10 cm)

Standard Accessories

  • Bolster
  • Flexion Belt Set
  • Elevation Button
  • Lateral Flexion Assistant Handle
  • Cervical Straps
  • Elevation Foot Pedal
  • Traction Package (Traction Belt Set, Knee Cushion, Axillary Post Set)
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